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Awareness Explorers

May 12, 2023

In this episode, we discuss how new technologies such as artificial intelligence can be used to help or hinder awakening and human happiness.

• Includes a guided meditation written by ChatGPT to help us know our true nature as awareness.

Here is the list of Jonathan's questions from this episode:

  1. Does This Technology Bring You Closer to People, or Help Isolate You?
  2. Does This Technology Bring You Closer to Inner Peace, or Make You Feel More Stressed?
  3. Does This Technology Add Depth/Joy and Happiness to Your Life, or Move You Towards Superficiality and Anxiety?
  4. Does This Technology Make You More Conscious and Aware or More Distracted?
  5. Does This Technology Make You More Compassionate, Kind, and Loving, Or More Self-Absorbed?
  6. Does This Technology Improve Your Health or Negatively Impact Your Health?
  7. Does This Technology Make You a Wiser Person or More Immature?

Here is the video mentioned in this episode in which Angelo DiLullo questions an AI about consciousness:
"Has A.I. Become Self Aware?? -- You Be the Judge!"

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