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Awareness Explorers

Apr 12, 2024

In this episode we talk to Rastal about his journey from trauma and depression to fundamental wellbeing, his experience with a method from Jeffery Martin's Finder's Course, as well as how he navigates the many different levels of fundamental wellbeing, bringing it to the foreground of our experience.

• Includes a guided meditation for sinking into one's direct experience as a vehicle for deepening into various levels fundamental wellbeing.

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Other sites mentioned in this episode:

The Fundamental Wellbeing Foundation

Jeffery Martin, The Finders Course, etc.:

The Finders book:
45 Days to Awakening Course:

For a good description of Jeffrey Martin's Locations of Fundamental Wellbeing:
The Martin Matrix, a Comprehensive Map of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (Enlightenment/Nondual)

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